October 2007 40 Prompt Challenge - Prompt 23: Aloof

Wizard's Way

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Universe: Magnificent Seven Dungeons and Dragons
Characters: Josiah, Buck
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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Wizard's Way

Josiah placed his hand on Buck's shoulder, drawing him aside before they entered the ballroom. "Remember, you need to stay aloof, not engaging. If you try to be your normal self, they'll figure out you're not who you say you are and all will be lost."

Buck bit back a sigh and the retort waiting on the tip of his tongue. "I understand, Josiah. We've been over this before. Now, let's go in, get the information and then go find Chris." As they moved forward, he grumbled, "I don't see why Ezra couldn't handle this, he's the one who likes to play roles all the time."

A sigh escaped the wizard as they waited for their turn to be announced. "You know perfectly well, why it couldn't be Ezra or any of the others."

"Yeah, yeah. Ezra's had a few unsavory encounters with the host, JD is too young, Nathan is known to them as a healer and half-elves can't be wizards."

"Exactly," Josiah agreed. "Now wipe all emotion from your face and get ready. We're about to be announced."

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