October 2007 40 Prompts Challenge - Prompt 39: I'm Here

I'm Here

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Universe: M7 Weapons Control Bureau
Characters: Chris, Vin
Rating: Suitable for people over 13
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I'm Here

The soft sound of the heart monitor provided the only noise in the hospital room.

Things had gone badly, really badly in their last job. Decisions were made that would be questioned again and again for possibly the rest of all their lives, but even as the doubt and regret existed within, Chris knew that they made the right choices, the only choices they could. He also knew Vin would tell him, tell all of them, the same thing if, no, when he awoke.

Reaching out, he brushed a stray hair off the younger man's forehead. "Come on, Vin. Come back to us," he whispered, knowing it would do no good. All of the team who remained mobile had tried. They all knew the sharpshooter would come around when his body felt it time, but the waiting seemed interminable. "We didn't really leave you, you know. I had to make the call that was best for everyone. As soon as it was clear we came looking for you. Thank God you weren't in your assigned position any longer."

Silence once more filled the room.

Some time later, the heart monitor increased it's monotone cadence ever so slightly and the too-still form on the bed began to stir.

Standing to be closer to the bed and leaning forward slightly, Chris watched as Vin slowly woke up.

"Chris?" the younger man asked, his voice dry and craking from the trauma as well as the hours unconscious.

Letting out a breath of relief, Chris offered a small smile to his hurting friend. "I'm here."


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