October 2007 40 Prompts Challenge - Prompt 40: Lively -M7 Weapons Control Bureau (WCB)

Quite The Shindig

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Universe: M7 Weapons Control Bureau (WCB)
Characters: Ezra
Rating: Suitable for people over 13
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Quite the Shindig

Ezra crouched down behind the overturned table and prayed quietly that he would survive this. He tensed when he heard a body drop to the floor beside him. He bit back his annoyance when he realized it was his host for the evening, his connection to the team's latest target. "Mr. Sunware," he greeted.

"Mr. Simpson! Quite the shindig we're having tonight, eh?" the man asked, a wide smile on his face and a less than sane glint in his eye.

"Indeed it is, Mr. Sunware," Ezra agreed ducking his head as a bullet nicked the edge of the table immediately over his head before taking residence in the wall behind him. "Are your gatherings always so lively?"

"Aw, hell. This ain't nothing. You should see it when things really get going. Two years ago we had one party so lively the building collapsed afterward. Took days to remove all the spent shells and such." Clapping his guest on the shoulder, Mr. Sunware began moving away. "You have fun, Simpson, I've got a few others I need to check on. We'll talk some more tomorrow if you survive this." With a wide smile, Mr. Sunware disappeared into the fray.

"The things I do," Ezra murmurred, flinching once more as another bullet imbedded in the wall behind him.


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