October 2007 40 Prompts Challenge - Prompt 25: Lost

Just Ask

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Universe: Magnificent Seven Dungeons and Dragons
Characters: Vin, Chris
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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Just Ask
by MMW

Vin sat on the ground, enjoying the sound of the birds in the trees and twirling a piece of grass in his fingers while the horses grazed nearby. The only incongruent sound in the entire scene would have been the quiet cussing by a certain blond-haired ranger. Vin tried his best to hide his smile as a particularly creative curse flew from Chris' mouth. He knew he shouldn't say anything, but he found he couldn't resist. "So, we still making good time?" he asked, trying for innocent, but even Vin could hear the laughter in his voice.

Chris levelled one of his most heated glares at his friend, cursing the fact it wouldn't have any effect. "We're getting on just fine," he snapped, unwilling to admit he had absolutely no idea where they were or how to get to where they were going from where they currently sat.

"Good thing you've been to Crow Haven so many times," Vin continued, struggling to keep the teasing notes from his voice. Teasing Chris always provided something of a challenge. "I'd hate to think we were lost, especially since this it the third time we've been through this clearing."

Chris tensed as anger built within, before he seemed to slump as all the air left his lungs.

Vin, seeing that he'd won his point, smiled at his friend. "We should head east about a half mile and then turn north for another two to get on the main road to Crow Haven," he informed his friend. Seeing Chris nod his acceptance, Vin stood, walked over and clapped the blond on the shoulder. "Next time you get lost, just ask."

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