October 2007 40 Prompts challenge - Prompt 21: Search

Search and Retrieve

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Universe: Dungeons and Dragons
Characters: Ezra, Vin
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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Search and Retrieve

They both knew the challis had to be here. Their search led them through all the others caves in the system. At least, according to the map they had they were through with the caves.

Of course, knowing their luck, they stood at even odds whether they would find the challis guarded by something almost out of their ability or it would be hidden in a secret room in the cave that would result in one or both of them being injured during its discovery.

Glancing at the man beside him, Vin couldn't help but ask, "Do you think it's in there and if so, which of us is going to get hurt trying to get it?"

Ezra made a face before turning his attention to the room in front of them. I do believe that we may just beat the odds, retrieve the challis and return unscathed."

Vin sighed. As much as he wanted to agree, he just knew something bad would happen. After all, even if Chris and Buck were both down with injuries, it had been three months since Ezra's last injury and almost six since his. A shiver coursed through him as he stepped closer to the last caveern.


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