October 2007 40 Propmts Challenge - Prompt 24: Shield


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Universe: Magnificent Seven Dungeons and Dragons
Characters: JD, Chris
Rating: Suitable for people over 13 (not particularly happy and mentions death)
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By MMW JayDee grunted, staggering back several steps as the blow struck. Normally, he would have time to recover, but with the intense fighting, he couldn't. Rather than being able to step forward or to the side, JD found himself backing into another enemy, one clearly unhappy about it.

He managed to shift just enough to avoid the newcomer's sword swing, but, while recovering from that dodge, he noted his original opponent taking a swing. With no time to recover his feet, he knew this would be his end.

Before he could think of anything to say or even process regret at having failed his friends, a shield appeared from nowhere, stopping the blow from landing.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, JD got his feet under him and dispatched his newer foe, thankful that he man had lost his shield, thus rendering him vulnerable to JayDee's attack. Turning, JayDee watched Chris defeat JayDee's original opponent.

Taking a quick look around, JayDee realized that the battle no longer raged. In fact, he found no enemy standing. Once again, the seven achieved victory on the battlefield. When a heavy hand came to rest on his shoulder JayDee turned to find Chris staring at him, his face carefully blank.

"There's a reason we stress working with your shield and constantly repeat that you never drop it. Do you know what that reason is?" Chris asked, his voice level and lacking emotion.

"Yes, sir," JayDee admitted, looking at the ground, disappointed in himself for forgetting this very important lesson. "Having your shield will save your life."

"And if it doesn't we'll have something upon which to carry you home," Chris added softly. Removing his hand, Chris looked over the battlefield, looking over the others to make sure they survived intact as well. "Next time you'll remember," he stated before walking over to organize a search of the fallen.

"Next time, I will," JayDee agreed as he stared down into the empty eyes of the man he killed only moment ago. "Next time, I will."

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