Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to Mirsch, Trilogy, etc. The ATF AU belongs to MOG who has graciously allowed us to play there.
Author's Note: Sometimes when writing I need a challenge. I wrote this poem to prove to myself that you could write an action fic in poetic form. Hope you enjoy my little experiment.
Rating: FRT - Fan Rated Suitable For Teens
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Brash and haughty was the sight
Of the man who'd take Ezra's life
Until a dark and vengeful form
Offered us a hope reborn
By flying in from place unseen
With a blazing gun and primal scream
To save his friend from his fate
And making death once more wait
To take one of the Seven

Though battle raged and villains fell
It was once more that primal yell
That alerted all to dangers new
And allowed a victory for the few
O'er the many who would vie
To assert their horror and their lie
And corrupt the innocents anew
But had met their match good and true
At the hands of the Seven

With vict'ry won and chaos calmed
Buck rejoiced and Josiah psalmed
JD whooped and Nathan smiled
Vin and Ez relaxed yet all the while
Chris scanned the area, watching all
To keep his team safe from a fall
And move them on to paper work
So they could all slake their thirst
With a drink for all the Seven

It was then the movement caught their eye
And to their guns their hands did fly
The swiftest and the surest won
The race to grab and fire their gun
But until the noise and smoke did clear
The men would wait and watch with fear
That one of their number had been hit
And Death would finally see fit
To take one of the Seven

With bated breath and beating hearts
The seven men's eyes did dart
And evaluate each man's health
And verify that their heart's wealth
Remained intact another day
And that Death was cheated of his pay
The Seven smiled and headed out
With high fives and a shout
At being friends, family, the Seven

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