October 2007 40 Prompt Challenge - Prompt 19: Taxi - ATF

Service With A Smile

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Universe: ATF
Characters: Ezra
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Service With A Smile

For all the cases filled wtih mishaps, mayhem and injuries Team Seven had, there were an almost equal number of cases that were quickly and quietly resolved with little effort, no hassle and very little danger. Those were frequently Ezra's favorite cases.

Monday they had been given the Geribaldi case. Though suspected of selling cigarettes without a tax stamp, no one had been able to get any solid proof of the deals being made. Using their skills and contacts, the memebers of Team Seven discovered several little-known facts about the mysterious Mr. Geribaldi. The most important one being that he never met in warehouses, restaurants or, in fact, a building of any sort. No, Mr. Geribaldi used the back seat of Taxi's to do his buisiness.

In some respects the team felt it a clever idea. After all, only the two main players would comfortably fit in the back seat. The buisiness could be couched in normal terms and with the meeting sight moving constantly, it would be nearly impossible set up a but.

That is where Ezra came into play. After all, everyone knew Team Seven specialized in the nearly impossible.

With a few modifications, careful research and surveillance as well as extensive planning, Ezra just happened to be driving the taxi that Mr. Geribaldi hailed for his meeting.

Once the target and his client were safely within the confines of the modified taxi, Ezra locked the doors in the back and headed off toward ATF headquarters where the two would be interrogated before being sent off to jail.

A smile appeared on his face as the protests from the back seat began. He knew the men would never get through the bulletproof divider between the front and back seats.

Yes, some days doing the nearly impossible proved to be painful and exhausting; other days, like today, doing the nearly impossible could only be described as sublime.


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