The Magniicent Seven & The Sentinel

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While I am aware that there are many M7/Sentinel AUs and crossovers, this idea wouldn't leave me alone and I hadn't read it anywhere else, so, I am creating this AU.

Since the AU is not fully set up at this point in time, it is still a closed AU. Once everything is in place, all the characters have been introduced and the groundwork laid, I may open it up.

Here are the stories so far. I've tried to note which are WIPs.

Growing Up: (Suitable for people over 13) Brief glimpses of the lives the twin guides lead as they grow.

Meeting Up: Work In Progress (Suitable for people over 13) Blair has already found his sentinel in Jim. This is the story of Blair's brother meeting his sentinel.

A Helping Hand: Story not yet begun, will follow "Meeting U" The new sentinel & guide pair need help from someone more experienced.

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