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Notes: Though I did watch "The Sentinel" when it was on the air, I am new to Sentinel fanfic as of May 2005. There will be more stories here as real life and my other commitments permit.


Breakfast: (suitable for all audiences) Jim's had a rough day and falls asleep on the couch.

Jamie: (suitable for all audiences) A little peek at Blair's thougths.

Marking Time: (suitable for all audiences) Waiting is never easy.

Comfort: (suitable for all audiences) Lily's always there to comfort her men.

Accepting Presents: (suitable for all audience **note: discusses Lily (the house cat) killing and eating a mouse) Lily offers Jim a present.

It's Not Funny: (suitable for all audiences) One of the boys is hurt and the other thinks it's funny.


Field Experience: Jim and Blair have to work with the FBI. This is the results of a challenge I set for myself - 500 words, random crossover (came out Sentinel/Without A Trace). Set prior to the start of the "Without A Trace" series.

The Cub and The Kit AU:
This AU was created by Debra. It is a mix of "The Sentinel" and a "Magnificent Seven" AU. This universe is set in Cascade where Jim and Blair are working in Major Crimes and The Seven move from Denver to Cascade where Chris Larabee, Buck Wilmington, Josiah Sanchez, Nathan Jackson and JD Dunne work for the ATF and Vin Tanner and Ezra Standish are youths. Vin (11 years old) is a sentinel and Ezra (13 years old) is his guide. Blair and Jim have taken on the job of training the youths, Chris Larabee is the boys' adoptive father/legal guardian. You can find Debra's story The Cub And The Kit by clicking on the name of the story or by clicking here. My stories for this AU are listed below.
Thank You Dinner: (suitable for all audiences) Jim and Blair have been watching Vin and Ezra and the boys want to say "thanks".
School Fieldtrip: (!!!WIP!!!)(suitable for people over 7) Vin is going on a school fieldtrip to a toy factory. When a cold case heats up for Chris and the other ATF agents, Blair steps in as chaperone. What could possibly go wrong?

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