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Weapon Of Choice

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Challenge: October 2007 Challenge - Prompt: 13. Weapon
Universe: Little Britches - ATF
Characters: Vin, JD, Seven
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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Weapon Of Choice

It had been an easy decision, the boy thought as his fingers caressed his weapon of choice. Not long ago, he would have agonized over the thought, shoved the faintest hint of the idea as far from him as he could.

But that was then. This was now.

Now he knew better.

He was older, wiser and ready to act.

No longer would he be the quietly suffering victim.

Now he would get back some of his own, he would get his revenge and his enemy would learn to tremble before him.

Moving forward while keeping low to the ground, he scanned the area.

Satisfied that he was well hidden from the enemy, he waited until his target was distracted before scampering to his the launch point for his attack.

He made it there successfully. He drew no attention and no one had noticed his fleeting form.

Now he just needed to settle in and wait for the right moment, the right time.

It would be perfect.

“What're you doing, Vin?” JD asked, crouching down beside the older boy.

Vin cringed, wondering if the others had heard JD's not-quite-so-quiet whisper. “Shh,” he admonished. “I'm getting' back at Buck,” he informed.

JD frowned. “Da? Why?” he asked.

He knew he wasn't supposed to do it, but he just couldn't stop the eyeroll. “Duh, because he squirted me with the hose this morning after I'd already had a bath,” the little blond explained, obviously believing his young friend should know that already. He then returned to watching his target, waiting for just the right moment.

“Oh,” JD said, thinking about it. The he smiled broadly and covered his mouth as he giggled. “Can I watch?”

Vin sighed, his concentration broken, again. “Sure, JD,” he agreed. “Just sit back and keep quiet.”

“OK,” JD whispered in his too-loud-to-be-a-whisper voice.

They sat for another few minutes, watching. Just as JD was about to ask another question, Buck stood up from his chair and Vin fired his weapon.

There was a gasp and a splash almost simultaneously as the projectile hit its target.

Vin watched for just a moment, hoping he wasn't going to get in trouble, before the other men began laughing at Buck's predicament. A grin appeared on the little blond's face as he realized he'd be alright. He quickly started running away, a stray giggle hanging in the air providing the only evidence of his point of attack.

“Vincentius Tanner!” Buck cried before taking off after the boy. “I will get you!”

Vin laughed louder, the last vestiges of worry dissipating as Buck teased him with Vin's “Roman” name.

“Da, you look like you peed your pants!” JD shouted after the lanky man.

“I'll get you too, young Dunnius!” Buck called out as he closed in on Vin.

JD let out a delighted peel of laughter. The boys had had several history lessons in school about Ancient Rome and Buck had come up with “Roman” names for all of their family. They were only ever used during play and delighted the boys every time they heard them.

“No!” Vin cried out as Buck scooped him up off the ground, flipping him upside down and tickling Vin's now-exposed stomach.

“Yes, indeed Vincentius! You shall suffer my wrath!” Buck declared.

“Help me!” Vin cried between peals of laughter, reaching out toward his dad. “Dad! Help!”

Chris, trying his best to contain his own laughter, headed toward Buck, ready to rescue Vin. “I'm coming, Vin,” he assured.

Unfortunately, JD chose that moment to block the blond man's path. “You can't get him away from my Da!” he declared.

“We'll see about that John Dunnius!” Chris cried. Then, with a move faster than JD thought possible, Chris reached out and snagged JD, flipping him upside down over his shoulder and allowing the boy to dangle there as he continued to move forward to rescue his son from the clutches of Buck the Magnificent, Gladiator Extraordinaire.

A short ways away, the three uncles – Nathan, Josiah and Ezra – watched the growing battle, laughing loudly.

“Shall we join the battle?” Josiah asked, containing his mirth for a few minutes.

“I do believe it is our duty as uncles to join the fray,” Ezra assured.

“'Once more into the breach'*, it is,” Nathan agreed, rising from his seat. When he saw the looks Josiah and Ezra were giving him, he asked, “What? I can read Shakespeare too!”

Josiah rose from his chair and clapped Nathan on the shoulder. “OK, Henry V. After you,” he insisted.

Nathan grinned and took off at a run to join the laughter. He was soon followed by the other two men as the seven spent a wonderful laughter-filled afternoon together.


* This line is from William Shakespeare's play “Henry V” If you don't feel like reading it, Kenneth Brannaugh did a movie version. If you don't like that, I believe the speech is also recited in the Danny DeVito movie “Renaissance Man”.

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