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Meredith's Vacation Pictures from 2002

Below are some of my vacation pictures. I took 21 rolls of film on my vacation to Montana & Wyoming. I know that's a lot, but, as usual, sitting down and scanning them is too time consuming and boring for me to do too much at once. As with most other pages, you'll have to come back periodically to see what's been added.

And, as with all my photo pages, click on the thumbnail to get a view of the image. If you'd like to use these pictures for something, let me know. I could use the ego stroke. ;-)

On our first day in Montana (we, Marlene, Marion and I, approached through northern Idaho), we ran across a histoical point and stopped. That spot was Kootenai Falls. There's an interesting story about swinging bridge there as well, but I won't go into that here. This is a picture of the falls, It's from a panoramic, so it's wider than it is tall.

After spending the night in Kalispell, MT (by the way, if you're going to be up in that area or visit Glacier National Park, I recommend the Kalispell Grand Hotel), we headed up toward Glacier National Park. We stopped at the Hungry Horse Resevior on our way to see the view and the dam. The waterfall to the left is actually just a close up of a portion of a slightly larger run-off.

The day after our visit to Glacier, we headed down the Western side of Montana through the Mission Mountains which had many intersting sights, and a few gorgeous views of the mountains, including this one taken from the car. Again, it's panoramic. The landscape out there just lends itself to the panoramic format.