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M7M Challenge Response for 14 April 2003

Challenge: Take one or more of the M7 characters and do a cross-over with a movie, book or tv show in 100 words or less.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know they don't mean anything, but I feel obliged, so here it is. I don't own any of the characters here. Lots of people with a whole lot more money own them and lots of people with a whole lot more talent created them. I'm just borrowing them to have a little fun.

In Want Of A Wife.
note: X-Over with "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austin. The quote is from the opening line of the novel

Ezra released a resigned sigh. He had moved into this neighborhood in the hopes of finding a quiet place to recover himself. Instead he had found the Bennet family. True, Miss Jane Bennet was a sight to behold, but the catty gossip and speculation displayed at this small soiree surpassed even Ezra's tolerance for the absurd.

For it may be "a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife", but Ezra had never been one to hold to such truths. For him, the truth could be a liability.

I'll Take Those Pints Now
note: X-Over with "The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy" by Douglas Adams

Chris Larabee sat in the Horse and Groom, nursing a scotch. Today couldn't be worse; not only was his undercover assignment going nowhere, but today was the anniversary of his family's deaths. He decided if the world ended today, he could care less.

He narrowed his eyes as Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent entered the bar and ordered six pints of bitter, three for each. Ford seriously overpaid for the pints and Arthur kept looking around apologetically. Something was up and those two were involved. Every nerve in Larabee's body sang in alarm as he rose to speak to them.

Dating Adventures
note: X-Over with "Adventure, Inc."

Buck smiled as he prepared for his upcoming date with Mac. What a dark haired beauty she was, he thought contentedly. A bit of a challenge and definitely one of the more aggressive women he'd dated, but that would make the evening that much more interesting.

He wondered if he should broach the subject of Judson Cross with Chris. Judson could be Chris's older brother; they looked so much alike. Probably be best if he didn't say anything, he decided. Then, pushing all thoughts Chris aside, he smiled as he thought of Mac and what ‘adventures' they would have tonight.

Philosophical Fox
note: X-over with "Treasure Hunter"

Josiah sighed as he listened to the voice mail message. He had met Sydney Fox many years ago. Even though he had fallen out of touch with the woman, somehow he failed to be surprised by her unexpected call saying she was in trouble and asking for his help.

It had been an almost full-time job for him to keep young Sydney out of danger back then. Now that she was a full-grown woman, and a professor of archeology, he expected that keeping her out of trouble would prove to be an impossibility.

Releasing another sigh, he replayed the message.

note: X-over with "West Wing"

Vin stood at the window, staring out at the lush green lawns, longing to be out of this building, out of this city and back to the open sky of home. Unconsciously he pulled at the cuffs of his new dress-shirt.

The team had spent days drilling him on proper clothing and etiquette. He'd finally lost it and yelled at them all. Now, standing here, he found himself thankful they had drilled him so thoroughly.

He could just make out the sound of a door opening behind him as a voice said, "Mr. Tanner? President Bartlett will see you now."

note: X-over with "Mutant X"

Nathan sat at the airport wondering about the message he had received. Adam had called him and asked if Nate could pick him up at the Denver airport. Of course Nathan had agreed.

Adam had been Nathan's favorite professor in college. Though genetics had never been Nathan's favorite, the ideas and theories Adam had discussed were far ahead of their time. What had impressed Nathan most of all, however, was the fact that Adam had listened to the students' ideas, no matter how off the wall or bizarre.

Nathan's attention snapped back to the present as Adam's flight was announced.

note: X-over with James Bond.

JD tried to contain his excitement. He constantly reminded himself that he was an adult an agent at the ATF. Still, his insides thrummed with excitement as he was lead deeper into the complex.

Finally, stepping into a large testing area, he swiveled his head, trying to take in everything he could. Following his guide, they finally stopped before two men. One was older, looking like he would be retiring soon, the other was younger, handsome and dressed about as well as Ezra.

The younger man offered his hand. "My name is Bond, James Bond," he said. "Welcome to Q-branch."

Rabbit Holes
note: X-over with "The Matrix"

Vin sat in his seat, examining the man across from him. For years Vin had known something wasn't right in the world. For years he'd wondered what exactly The Matrix was. The man across from him offered answers.

Things in his life were finally getting good. He had six close friends, a home, a purpose in life. What if the man across from him was lying?

No, the man across from Vin was offering the truth. Vin could read it in the man's eyes. Vin had to choose one pill or the other.

Decision made, Vin reached for the pill...

The Battle.
note: X-over with "Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Rings"

Ezra's head snapped up at the sound. It was a call to arms. One of his brothers of Gondor was in trouble.

Ezra's troupe was just leaving the gates when the first of the enemy revealed themselves. A fierce battle cry rang down the line of men as they charged.

The battle lasted many hours. Ezra felt his arms losing strength. Soon he felt the point of an enemy sword break through his defenses. Soon it pierced his armor and flesh.

With a startled gasp, Ezra sat up. Swearing he would never again eat oyster pizza while watching a movie.

Cries In The Dark
note: X-over with "The Secret Garden" by Frances Burnett Hodges

Mary made a decision as the sound of wailing increased. She didn't understand her fear, but she refused to become its slave. She was the daughter of Stephen and Mary Travis and feared no one.

Following the sound, she wove her way through the maze of hallways until she found the correct room.

Cautiously opening the door, she found a boy not much older than herself lying on the bed. He had stopped crying when Mary opened the door. Taking in the unruly blonde hair and piercing green eyes, she asked, "Who are you?"

The boy answered simply, "Christopher Larabee."

JD And The Pussy-Cats
note: X-over with "Josie And The Pussy-Cats" (movie, not cartoon)

JD and Alan trailed behind the girls. All the young people were excited about their first trip to the big city and to be driving around in a limo left them all speechless. The girls didn't know that JD was undercover; they thought he was just Alan's cousin along for the ride. For his part, Alan found himself so distracted by his thoughts of Josie that he failed to remember JD was even with them.

Someone who didn't seem to forget JD was there, however, was the girl's manager. Definitely a man JD would need to keep an eye on.

Angel Delight
note: X-over with "Charlie's Angels"

Buck couldn't stop smiling. Normally he hated working with Private Investigators, but this bunch, set to do their patriotic duty and help out the ATF, was a joy to behold.

Buck was quite aware of the deadly efficiency of the trio of lovely ladies, but that didn't make working with them any less desirable. Reminding himself that he was here for business, Buck settled himself on the couch between two of the lovely ladies and broke out the files he had prepared.

Shortly thereafter a call came in from Charlie Townsend, was put on speaker phone, and the meeting began.

note: X-over with ‘Hunt For Red October' by Tom Clancy

Nathan sat in the back of the helicopter wondering how the hell Jack Ryan had talked him into this. He knew the man hated flying and Nathan could easily understand that fear. Still, if you had asked Nathan a week ago what he thought he'd be doing a week hence, he certainly never would have come up with anything as crazy as this.

He, Nathan Jackson, was about to transfer from a helicopter to a submarine in order to catch a rogue Russian missile submarine in the hopes of stealing it and it's new propulsion system.

He must be mad.

note: X-over with "The Mask"

Josiah Sanchez stood in his apartment looking down at the item in the box below. He knew exactly what it was. He knew what its mystical power was. He knew this mask.

"Stanley, what have you done?" he wondered aloud, afraid to touch the mask. The mask belonged with Stanley. It was a dangerous thing.

The mask revealed the inner man, who you were when all your own masks were stripped away.

Part of Josiah wanted to try the mask and find out who he really was. The larger part of him was afraid of what the mask would uncover.