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M7M Challenge for 21 April 2003

Below you will find my response to the following challenge:
Write a drabble in which one or more of the seven meet with someone you know from on-line.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know they don't really do any good, but I feel obliged to say it anyway. I don't own any of the characters involved in these stories. I'm just borrowing them for a short while.

A Masterpiece Character: Ezra, Josiah
On-line Personality: Lisa (and yes, Ezra is expressing my sentiments too!)

“This story is amazing, Ezra,” Josiah rumbled, having just finished the story Ezra would be submitting to a writing competition. The competition required all authors to submit a short story along with a $20 fee. All proceeds would go to the winning author’s chosen charity. Smiling, Josiah added, “I noticed this story was completely comprehensible. How did you manage that?”

With a slight blush, Ezra admitted, “I had Lisa proofread it for me. Without her help, I fear my masterpiece would be an incomprehensible assemblage of oblique references and outmoded parlance. With her help, it will most assuredly emerge victorious.”

Fans Character: all seven
On-line Personality: Sunni

Two Weeks Ago

Chris looked at the six men sitting in the conference room before him and sighed. He stated, “Finding flight and accommodations is going to be nightmarish.”

“Chris,” Buck said, his voice serious, “there are some things in this life you just have to do, and this is one of them. You know what this means to us.”

With a sigh, Chris agreed.

Patriot’s Day

The seven stood waiting and watching. All eyes were focused intently on the road. The first runners came into view. Vin, spotting their reason for being there, cried, “Here they comes! Go Sunni!”

Last Minute (Little Britches ATF-AU)
Characters: Chris, Buck, Vin, JD
On-line Personality: Phyllis

“Phyllis, thank you for doing this at the last minute,” Chris said, gratitude and relief softening his voice. “We don’t trust the boys with just anyone.”

Phyllis drew her attention away from the boys with whom she’d been making faces. “No problem,” she assured, smiling at Chris. “I’m always available to take care of these two ragamuffins.”

“We really do appreciate it,” Buck said, entering the room. He asked, “Ready to go?” Receiving a positive nod, the two men left.

As the door closed behind them, two squeals rang out as the boys ran to give their sitter a hug.

Challenge Characters: Vin, Ezra
On-line personality: Lady Angel

“Mr. Tanner,” Ezra began, “would you cease that infernal pounding.” Ezra rubbed his forehead to try and ease the headache Vin’s typing was making worse.

“Gotta finish this story,” Vin replied, not looking up from his computer screen.

Curious, Ezra came around the desk to peer over his partner’s shoulder. His brow furrowed. As Vin checked the word count, Ezra observed, “It’s only one hundred words long.”

“Has to be,” Vin commented.

“Why would you be limited to only one hundred words?” Ezra inquired.

A smile played across Vin’s mouth as he replied, “It was a challenge from an Angel.”

A Little Editing Character: Chris
On-line personality: Barb

Picking up the phone, Barb found herself unsurprised to hear the voice of Chris Larabee.

“Barb,” he began, “we’re in trouble.”

With a resigned sigh, Barb asked, “What is it this time?”

Several moments of silence passed before Chris’s voice sounded again. “Well,” he began tentatively, causing alarms to ring in Barb’s head. Chris Larabee was not tentative. “We thought we could do this case without an author and now… well… we really need your help with the plot and ending.”

“I see,” Barb said, her tone resigned. “Where are you now and how bad is it?”

“Thanks,” Chris sighed.

That’s The Last Time We Ask Her For Directions! Characters: Chris, Vin
On-line personality: Anne Tolar

“Don’t Chris!” Vin cried, stepping in front of his irate friend. “It wasn’t that bad. You did end up enjoying Aunt Bea’s pie.”

Chris stopped in his tracks glaring at Vin. “She got us lost in MAYBERRY!!!” Chris ground out through gritted teeth.

Vin winced. “It was the challenge! It’s not her fault!”

Chris snorted and continued on his way.

Racing ahead of his best friend, Vin found the woman in question. Breathlessly he gasped, “Anne! Hide! Chris! Mayberry! Very angry!” Then, giving Anne his best smile, Vin added, “I loved it!”

Anne returned Vin’s smile before disappearing from sight.

Request Character: JD
On-line Personality: Risha

Swirling his swiftly cooling coffee, JD allowed a sigh to escape as the person he’d been waiting on joined him. He smiled slightly. “Thanks for meeting me, Risha. I know how hard it is for you writers to jump into our world.”

“No problem,” Risha replied, relaxing into the comfortable chair.

JD licked his lips nervously before continuing. “I wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed what you’ve written so far…”

Risha felt the ‘but’ coming and encouraged, “But…”

“The guys are giving me a really hard time about the whole vampire thing from last week and I was wondering …”

Called On The Carpet Character: Ezra, Chris
On-line Personality: MAC

Larbaee glared at the two people sitting before him. He was not a happy man, not by a long shot. The causes of his ire sat quietly, ignoring his glare, both looking completely unconcerned and unaffected by the situation.

Mac sat back in the unusually comfortable office chair, smiling at the disgruntled man in black, saying nothing.

Finally deciding to get things underway, Larbee spoke. “Ezra, I will deal with you in a bit. As for you MAC, I want to know what the hell you were thinking last week letting Standish go out on the town with Templeton Peck!”

Fair’s Fair… Characters: Seven
On-line Personality: Me (I know, supposed to be a different person, but given my problem with starting stories and never finishing them – I currently have 17 in progress – I thought it was fitting.)

Meredith sat in the chair, eyes flicking nervously over the seven men surrounding her. “But…” she began.

“No,” Chris commanded. “You said it yourself, fair’s fair.”

“Yeah,” JD added. “You’ve been writing about us and turn about is fair play.”

“But,” Meredith pleaded, “I never did anything bad to you!”

Vin and Buck snorted, the others shook their heads.

“You are constantly beginning new stories without ever resolving them!” Ezra cried in indignation. “Do you know how frustrating that is?”

“But,” she tried again.

“We don’t want to hear it,” Nathan stated firmly. “It’s our turn to write about you.”