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M7M Alternate Challenge for 21 April 2003

Below you will find my response to the following challenge:
Write a drabble for one or more of the seven on the topic of "What I Did This Summer" as if they were all in the 5th grade.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know they don't really do any good, but I feel obliged to say it anyway. I don't own any of the characters involved in these stories. I'm just borrowing them for a short while.


This summer my father brought us to Zimbabwe to the missionary fields. While he was out preaching the Word, I made friends with several boys in the village. They taught me how they fish and which animals they hunt. It was a lot of fun.

We also played tricks on some of the girls there. They squeal just as loudly as my sister when they find lizards in their beds at night.

It was Winter there even thought it was Summer here at home. It didn’t seem like Winter, though, because there was no snow. I want to go back.


This summer, Frank and me spent a lot of time fishing in the stream when we weren’t doing chores. We had lots of fun playing war games and Huck Finn. We made a raft, but the stream wasn’t deep enough to float it.

We took a trip to Grandpa and Grandma’s that was a lot of fun. They have a pond out back and we caught lots of frogs. They also have chickens that are fun to chase. Grandma killed a chicken while we were there and it was really gross, but Mom said we had to eat it anyway.


This summer Miss Nancy took me on a picnic to a big park. Momma had to work. It’s more fun when Momma goes with me.

There was a clown in the park and a mime. They were funny, but the mime didn’t talk.

We had all the fun food, hot dogs, cotton candy and soda.

I found a bunch of boys who let me play football with them. We had a lot of fun, but my arm got broken. I still have the cast. The doctor says it should come off next week and then I’ll be good as new.


This summer I spent a lot of time at the library reading. I enjoyed it because it was really hot outside and the library has air conditioning. There’s a lot of neat stuff you can learn from the books there.

I also spent a lot of time playing with the kids in the neighborhood. They all wanted to play baseball, but I like to play basketball. I’m pretty good at both. I like to play third base in baseball, but sometimes I’d have to go to the outfield. In basketball, I love to run and my team almost always wins.


This summer I cohabited with my Aunt Virginia-Mae in Huntsville, Alabama. She, as well as my cousins Charles and Daniel and my Uncle Ronald tried to make me feel at home.

While my cousins persisted in their endeavor to convince me to participate in their simplistic games, I encouraged in them a new and bright understanding of the fine art of poker. They were, not as gifted in this area as I have found myself to be.

After an intense conversation with Mother, I will not be returning to my Huntsville relations for any further visits in the near future.


This summer I got sent to three foster homes. The first one was OK, but they wanted to go on a vacation and couldn’t take me so I got sent on.

The second house they pretty much left me alone. They had horses and I got to spend a lot of time with the horses. They don’t look at you like you’re nothing but a bother.

The second family had an emergency and that’s when I got sent to the Greens. They’re nice people and don’t hit me or nothing. I kind of like it here. Hope I can stay.


This summer Mom brought me to the technology show. They had the coolest computers there! I kept asking if we could bring one home, but Mom just smiled at me. I hope I get to use computers at school and when I grow up. I think that would be really cool.

They had this one computer that had a touch screen. Man that was neat. You just touch the screen where you want it to go and it goes! But I really loved the games.

I’m going to ask for a computer for Christmas. I can’t wait to get one!