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M7M Challenge for 28 April 2003

Below you will find my response to the following challenge:
Write a drabble in which one of the boys trips and falls. As a bonus, write about how the others react to the spill.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know they don't really do any good, but I feel obliged to say it anyway. I don't own any of the characters involved in these stories. I'm just borrowing them for a short while.

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note: the next seven pieces form this challenge response


“No woman can resist the Willmington charm,” Buck thought as he headed toward Debbie’s desk. He had spent the past three weeks sweet-talking the new receptionist into agreeing to go out with him. Now he was starting her day as he had everyday, with a cup of fresh coffee from the gourmet coffee shop.

Offering a dazzling smile, Buck kept his eyes focused on the smiling receptionist, completely missing seeing the pencil lying on the floor. His foot, however, found the pencil, lost its footing and caused the gourmet coffee to be delivered all down the front of Debbie’s blouse.


“I can’t believe she agreed to go out with him,” Nathan thought, shaking his head. He had been so sure that the new receptionist would be able to resist all of Buck’s usual ploys he had actually bet on it. It appeared he would be out ten dollars.

The elevator doors opened. Buck began crossing the room. Nathan watched in horror as Buck suddenly lost his footing. As he fell, the contents went flying all over Debbie’s white blouse. Grabbing the aloe vera plant off of his desk, Nathan quickly headed toward Debbie to offer whatever medical assistance he could.


Josiah turned to see who was disembarking the elevator. In this instance it happened to be Buck.

He watched as Buck made his routine crossing to the receptionist’s desk with his daily offering of coffee. A smile twitched at his lips as he watched Buck lose his footing causing the fragrant black coffee to land upon Debbie’s white silk blouse.

Sitting back, Josiah decided to wait and see how the scene played out. Buck would be in for quite a bit of teasing for this incident. Yes, it would be interesting to see the consequences of this twist of fate.


Chris looked up from the report he’d been reviewing with Ezra and smiled. He had always had faith that Buck would be able to break down Debbie. He’d spent too many nights out with the ladies’ man to doubt it.

Shaking his head at the cup of coffee in his friend’s hand, Chris watched in horror as Buck lost his footing, sending the hot coffee flying all over the expensive white silk blouse of the receptionist.

Closing his eyes and wincing in sympathy, he could only hope that Buck wasn’t hurt. Chris knew for sure he’d just lost ten dollars.


Ezra watched in satisfaction as Buck crossed the room with a cup of coffee from Ezra’s favorite coffee shop. A smile creased his lips. It had been sheer genius to recommend coffee as a way to woo the caffeine addicted receptionist, thereby ensuring his winning the wager.

The smug smile turned to open mouthed horror as Ezra watched Buck lose his footing causing the coffee to land upon the white blouse of the lady in question.

Sinking down in his chair, Ezra realized he had most likely just lost the bet; unless, he thought hopefully, he could salvage the situation.


Vin frowned as Buck stepped off of the elevator. He had bet that Buck would not be able to go out on a date with the new receptionist within her first month. Somehow, Buck had managed to convince her to go out. “Bet it was the damn coffee,” he grumbled.

His attitude quickly changed, however, as he watched Buck lose his balance and send the coffee flying onto Debbie. Not only was Buck’s fall a classic, but also the expression on the receptionists face was something Vin would always remember.

He couldn’t stifle the whoops of laughter that escaped him.


JD stepped off the elevator, grumbling. Today was a bad day. First, his bike stopped working. Then they were running late. Then Buck had rushed into the elevator allowing the doors to close right in JD’s face.

JD’s sour mood changed quickly as he stepped off the elevator in time to see his best friend sprawled on the floor by Debbie’s desk. The look of horror on his face was quickly explained as JD saw the brown, dripping stain of coffee on Debbie’s previously white blouse.

Yep, Buck would be in for some teasing. JD’s mood had just improved dramatically.

Poet In Motion note: the next seven shorts comprise the trip and reaction for "Poet In Motion"


“Why do they always think they can escape on the roof?” Vin complained as he raced across the flat roof of the office building. They had been working the case for three weeks before catching the break they needed. Now Vin was trying to catch the last member of the gang.

Catching up to the man as he reached the edge of the building, Vin’s foot caught on a stray board, causing him to trip. Unable to maintain his balance, Vin flew forward into the man, sending them both plunging over the side of the five-story building.


Chris looked up from the man he had just finished cuffing. Vin had taken the man who had sought the roof as a means of escape. From his position on the ground, Chris had been able to see only the head and shoulders of the two men racing across the rooftop.

A smile of satisfaction curved his lips as he saw Vin catch up to the scum he was chasing. Chris’ satisfaction quickly turned to horror as he witnessed Vin suddenly stumble, fall into the suspect and over the side of the building.

“Vin!” Chris cried, running toward the building.


Buck was not happy. Two of the suspects had broken away causing he and Vin to have to chase them. The two suspects had split up once they entered the office building so the two agents had as well. Buck’s suspect had taken off down a third floor hallway. “Obviously this guy isn’t that bright,” Buck thought as his suspect entered an outer office.

He was cuffing the suspect he held against the window when two men flashed past the window as they fell along the side of the building.

The song “It’s Raining Men, Hallelujah” popped into his head.


Nathan was torn. He had seen Vin and the suspect fall over the side of the building and desperately wanted to run over to offer whatever assistance he could, part of him knowing he probably couldn’t do much. A fall from a five story building to concrete below… Still, the healer in him was demanding he leave the suspects he was covering and go to aid his friend.

His training and the situation demanded he remain where he was, covering the suspects. The need for him to remain where he was increased as he saw Chris bolt for the building.


Josiah had been cuffing the last of the suspects in his area when he heard Chris’s cry. Turning his head briefly toward Nathan and Chris, he saw the twin looks of horror as their eyes appeared glued to the building across the street. He saw Chris bolt toward the building, leaving Nathan to cover their suspects along.

It took Josiah’s quick mind only a few moments to deduce what had happened: Vin had fallen. He felt his heart tighten at the thought of losing one of their family. Glaring down at the suspects, he began offering prayers for Vin’s safety.


Ezra heaved a sigh of relief. The case was over. True, this hadn’t been a particularly difficult case, but he would be happy to get back to being himself. He had just turned his prisoners over to be taken down for processing when his eye was caught by motion on the roof.

His heart stopped as he saw Vin and a suspect fall over the side of a five-story building. “God, no!” his mind screamed. He couldn’t lose his family. He couldn’t. Not now. Not this way. “Please, God,” Ezra begged, his senses reeling as he headed for the building.


JD’s fist punched the air as he released a loud whoop of joy. That had been totally awesome and he had had the best camera angle imaginable on it. Hollywood wouldhave nothing on him, this was definitely highlight-reel material.

Jumping out of the van, he ran over to the airbag at the base of the five-story building in time to see Vin maneuver the now cuffed suspect to the side, a huge grin plastered on his face.

“That was awesome, Vin!” JD cried, helping the cuffed man to the ground.

“Yep,” Vin replied, arriving on the ground. “Quite a rush.”

note: the following six stories comprise "Grace". Ezra's missing because I was writing this at work, got distracted and forgot I hadn't written him yet. Sorry.


He loved the feel of his skates as they glided across the ice. He recalled the surprise on the faces of his friends the first time they went ice skating together. Everyone knew JD and Vin, being hockey players, were good, but they had seemed surprised that Josiah was able to, literally, skate circles around the rest of them.

He failed to notice the mitten that had been dropped directly in his path. Before he had a chance to understand what was happening, Josiah found himself falling toward the smooth ice, knocking into a fellow skater, starting a chain reaction.


Vin looked down into the smiling hazel eyes beneath him. He had wanted to talk to the woman, but had hoped for a slightly different introduction.

“Hi,” the amused woman said, losing herself in the blue eyes above her.

“Hey, yourself,” Vin responded, not in any hurry to shift his weight off the form beneath him. “Was wondering if you’d like to get some coffee and chat?” he asked, figuring things couldn’t get much more awkward.

“Sounds great,” she replied, not in any hurry for him to move.

‘Have to be sure to thank Josiah,’ Vin thought, helping her up.


He had been enjoying this time, skating with Mary and Billy. Recently, the friendship he had formed with the window had recently heated dramatically, though neither was sure about taking the next step, both still hurt from their losses.

He had just taken Mary’s hand in his own when someone ran into him from behind. Falling forward, he twisted as he hit Billy to make sure he didn’t land on top of the boy.

Seconds later, Chris found himself staring into Mary’s eyes, their mouths only an inch apart. He wanted Mary.

“You’re squooshing me!” Billy complained, pushing on Chris.


He knew it would happen. He couldn’t go anywhere with this bunch without some mishap. True, he hadn’t expected it to be Josiah who caused the trouble, but trouble always seemed to be inevitable. With a sigh, he halted his and Rain’s progress around the rink.

Exchanging a knowing look with the woman he loved, he felt a thrill as she smiled up at him. “Better go see if we can help,” she suggested.

Smiling back at the woman in his arms, the two turned to see if they could help the pile of humanity lying on the ice.


He had seen the mitten moments before Josiah hit it. Soon enough to realize what was happening, too late to do anything about it. The woman he’d been talking to turned to see what he was looking at. The two watched the chain reaction and pile up on the ice.

Though he knew someone could be hurt, and hurt seriously, Buck couldn’t fight the laughter welling up within. Starting as a small snort, he quickly found himself lost in laughter. Tears streaming down his face and gasping to catch his breath, he headed onto the ice to help his friends.


He and Casey had been racing around the rink as fast as they could. Casey’s natural competitive streak had made it difficult for JD to relate at first. Now, however, he enjoyed her challenges, realizing that they were as much to garner his attention as a need to win. He had just pulled in front of Casey when someone plowed into him from the side, sending him flying.

His arm flailing, he managed to snag Casey and the two went down in a heap.

Looking up, JD saw her mouth tantalizingly close. Leaning forward slightly, he claimed a kiss.