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M7M Challenge Answers for 02 June 2003 - Illness

Challenge: One (or more) of the boys is sick. One (or more) are taking care of him/them.

Title: Sniffles and sneezes
Author: MMW

Nathan sneezed again. JD handed him a new tissue. Vin reached over and placed his small hand on the sick man’s forehead. “You feel hot,” stated Vin. “When did you last have Tylenol?”

Nathan smiled. He had volunteered to watch the boys this weekend, not planning on the cold. He had to admit his amazement at the competency of the two boys when it came to caring for him. They made soup in the microwave, tea, took his temperature and supplied fever medicine. Sighing and rolling his eyes in a fair approximation of Vin, he said, “’S not time yet.”

Title: Not Sick
Author: MMW

Chris glared at his team, daring any of them to say “Bless you” or any other such foolishness. He wasn’t sick. He had stated that very clearly at their morning meeting – but that had been before his voice gave out. None of his men flinched, focused on their work.

Throughout the day, Tylenol, chicken soup, hot tea with lemon and honey, a new box of tissues and cough drops had appeared on his desk. He knew Buck had talked the secretaries into redirecting his calls. So he sat in his office – miserable. It was nice to have people who cared.

Title: Unexpected Comfort
Author: MMW
Universe: ATF

Buck languished on the couch of his condo. JD was out of town, leaving him alone with the flu. He had assured Nathan he was fine on Friday, but now he was miserable. He remembered joking about having one of his many ladies nurse him, but there wasn’t anyone to call.

Releasing a sigh, his ears perked up as the front door opened. “JD?” he croaked, his throat too sore to provide anything more.

“I resent that, Mr. Willmington,” defended Ezra. Buck’s looked puzzled. “I have come to tend your needs,” he supplied, setting down a bowl of chicken soup.

Title: A Not So Common Cold
Author: MMW
Universe: LB Star Trek AU (because it’s been too long neglected)
Main Characters: Vin/Chris

Vin curled into a ball, pulling the covers over his head. He was miserable.

“Hey, there,” Chris said quietly, sitting on the side of the bed. He wished there were more he could do, but there was no cure for this Vulcan version of the common cold. “Can I get you anything.”

“No,” came the muffled reply, followed by a series of harsh coughs. Though he tried to control his emotions, Vin couldn’t stop tears from coming.

Picking up the boy who had become his son, Captain Larabee settled the boy in his lap and began rocking him gently.

Title: A Song Of Comfort
Author: MMW
Universe: Runaways
Characters: JD/Buck

JD lay back against the pillow, exhausted after the latest bout of coughs. He caught this cold along with some outlaws.

Opening his eyes, JD saw the small form of his ward in the doorway, motioning Buck into the room, he pulled the boy up to sit on his lap.

“You’re sick,” Buck observed.

“Yep,” JD replied, his voice hoarse.

“Want me to sing to you? Mama always singed to me,” the boy offered.

JD smiled down at the boy. “That would be great,” he replied, marveling at how much better he felt just having the boy near.

Title: Remedy
Author: MMW
Universe: ATF
Characters: Josiah/Vin

Josiah sat at his desk in misery, a sinus infection shouldn’t hurt this much. Releasing a sigh, he closed his eyes and rubbed his aching face. He started suddenly when he heard something being placed on his desk. Looking up, he saw Vin had placed a bowl of steaming water on his desk and held a towel in his arm.

Sheepishly he explained, “When I’s little and all stuffed up, Mama used ta make me breathe steam. Always cleared me up. Thought it might help.”

Josiah smiled at the young man his thanks written in his blue eyes.

Title: Brotherhood
Author: MMW
Universe: Luck Of The Draw
Characters: Ezra, Vin, JD

Ezra cracked a bloodshot eye open amazed his brothers were arguing over how hot his soup should be.

These men were his brothers by blood. He was thankful, however, that they had first been his brothers by choice.

Releasing a loud sneeze, Ezra witnessed two heads turn toward him.

“Are ya OK, Ez?” Vin asked, concerned.

“Yes, Vin,” he assured.

“Do you need anything?” JD inquired. “Soup should be ready in a minute.”

Ezra smiled, he had everything he needed in the two men standing in his kitchen. “No, I’m quite alright,” he said, a smile appearing on his face.