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M7M Challenge Response 6/09/2003 - Running Challenge

Challenge: Write a 100 word story in which one or more of the boys is running.

Keeing The Pace

Ezra (LB D&D AU)

Ezra ran faster, cursing his luck. It was all Josiah’s fault, he decided. If the wizard hadn’t humiliated him in his lessons, Ezra never would have felt the need to go practice on his own and hence, wouldn’t be running now.

His only hope was to reach the cave he, Vin and JD had been exploring earlier. As the oldest, it was his job to watch over Vin and JD.

Ezra leapt, catching the edge of the cave entrance just as the flood reached him. Hauling himself into the cave, he looked up into the angry eyes of Josiah

Chris – OW

His only hope was to reach the river. Once there he could run its course, leaving no trail. The fear that had consumed him when he realized what he’d done increased, causing him to run faster.

Seeing the river before him, he turned downstream and moved as swiftly as possible, keeping to the bank. His lungs burned with his exertion and he knew he would never be able to outrun his fleet-footed pursuer, but maybe if he could find someplace to hole up…


Chris panicked; the voice was too close.

“Larabee! You’re a deadman!” threatened Vin Tanner, closing in.

Josiah – ATF AU

He had forgotten how good it could feel to have the wind whispering in his ears and blowing on his face. The cool temperature helped him as well. Breathing more easily than he would have suspected, Josiah continued to focus on his form.

Nathan had been correct in his advice. Josiah’s appreciation for his friend’s help grew as he passed yet another runner. Three months ago he wouldn’t have given a second thought to the 5K race, but a lot of things could change in three months.

As he approached the finish line, he heard the cheers of his teammates.


Excitement flooded his body as he raced along the bank of the stream. His eyes filled with wonder and pride as he watched the boat he had made float along beside him.

Joy filled his heart as he watched the little boat bounce through the small rapids without capsizing. He let out a whoop as his boat got caught in a branch. Stepping into the stream to retrieve it, Vin turned and started running back toward the distant figure of his father, calling out excitedly, “Chris! Did you see it?”

“Sure did, son,” Chris called back, beaming at the exuberant boy.

Nathan – LB OW AU

Nathan kept his sharp eye out for his pursuer. Seeing that the one chasing him had been temporarily diverted, Nathan rested his hands on his knees and tried to catch his breath. With a smile he couldn’t suppress, he watched as his pursuer scrambled after other prey.

Remembering back over the past weeks, Nathan couldn’t remember ever running so much. Still, he wouldn’t trade watching the boys for anything. Finally he saw the attention focus back on him. Taking a few jogging steps, Nathan found his way blocked by Peso.

A hand tapped him as Vin cried, “You’re it, Uncle Nathan!”

Buck – Texas AU (I hope this is an open AU, sorry if it isn’t)

Buck sprinted after the suspect. “Why do they always run?” he muttered. Just once he wished they would find a criminal who refused to run. He wondered idly how Vin had managed as a bounty hunter for so long. “Must’ve drove the man nuts,” Buck said, jumping over a trashcan.

As the chase continued, he was thankful for the time he spent at Chris and Sarah’s ranch playing touch football and tag with Adam, Chris and Sarah. The addition of Vin, JD, Nathan and Josiah kept things lively.

Cornering the suspect he called, “Freeze, Texas Rangers!”

JD – Brothers AU (again, not sure if this is an open AU, if not, my apologies)

JD felt his lungs burn. He looked behind him and could see the forms of his brothers behind him. He had tried to apologize to them for the laundry mishap, but had known he was in trouble as wicked grins spread across their faces. When the other six began to close in on him, he had bolted.

He was fairly confident he could outrun the three oldest, but Nathan, Vin and Ezra could spell trouble for him. Throwing an obstacle or two in their way as he ran from the house, he’d taken off for his favorite hiding spot.