The Magnificent Seven

Urban Legends Seven Style Homepage

Welcome to my Urban Legends Seven Style homepage. Below you will find links to a number of urban legends that I've re-written to star the characters of "The Magnificent Seven".

Please keep in mind that these are urban legends and most likely not true. There may be a smidgen of truth in some of the stories, but you'd have to look really hard to find it. If you would like more information on Urban Legends (aka modern fairy tales), doing an online search will garner you more results than you'll have time to check.

All of these are set in the modern day ATF Alternate Universe created by MOG.

I have also tried to keep all stories on a level where they are appropriate for all readers

The Ghostly Hitchhiker: Characters: Vin, Chris, I originally adapted this for a Halloween madlib, but thought I'd post the orginal story adaptation here since it's the first legend I wrote.

Speeding Along: Characters: Buck, What happens when Buck gets pulled over for speeding out of state and far from home?

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